Kenneth R. Bereski II

KenBostonRun04  Barely a hundred feet away from the first explosion, Ken knew immediately he was there for a reason.  He knew that he would be back every year after, and that he was going to run to support the victims.  Many sleepless nights later, the idea of OneRun was born.  Having spent his college days at Boston College and later moving south to sunny South Beach, Ken is proud to be both a Bostonian and a Miamian.  Ken has run Boston 13 times since 2000 and spends most of the year counting down until Marathon Monday.  In Miami he runs SoBeMac, an independent IT consulting firm.  He is also actively involved in bicycle advocacy and local government, but still manages to find some time to get out and run.  In Boston, Ken was best known for being that crazy painted guy at all of the BC games, and he is still committed to seeing a game in all 50 states (almost 2/3 of the way there)!  Once a year, Ken breaks out the body paint again for what he calls the “Retirement Sucks Run”, paints himself and runs from Hopkinton to Boston playing to the crowd the whole way.   Ken’s Boston Marathon blog is available here