Our Vision

OneRun is a charity sports endurance program founded in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Our vision is simple: to take a concept that has been applied to many deserving causes, and apply it to the cause that runners worldwide took to heart. We exist to make sure the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings are taken care of for life.

There’s more than that though. We believe in being proactive, not just reactive. The events on April 15, 2013 were just one of (sadly) many mass casualty tragedies in the United States. Every time something happens, the affected community has to re-invent the wheel, while the victims suffer needlessly. This shouldn’t be the case.

The National Compassion Fund exists as a single solution, created by those who understand the victims concerns most – the victims themselves. Survivors of 9/11, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook and others joined together to aid future victims and their families and are currently accepting donations for the victims in Fort Hood.

OneRun aspires to be a feeder fund for both the One Fund Boston and the National Compassion Fund. Our goal is to generate the annual funding necessary to cover the ongoing medical bills of the Boston victims, and to disperse the remainder of our funds to the National Compassion Fund. As we grow, we hope to generate enough revenue to give the NCF a buffer to work with, so that in times of tragedy funds are immediately available, and donations that flow in compliment this and restock the woodpile.

With your help, we can show the victims of these tragedies that which we already know: Most of us are good, and we are all in this together. We will keep running; Team OneRun provides an opportunity to make that mean something more.