Our Story

bannerIn the middle of a beautiful afternoon on April 15th, 2013, the city of Boston and the worldwide community of runners was shaken.  Two loud explosions shook the finish area on Boylston Street and many lives would never be the same.  In the moments after those explosions, hundreds of everyday heroes stepped up to the plate.  This heroism turned tragedy into triumph.  Boston is a resilient city, and runners are a hearty bunch.  We refused to be terrorized.

Founded by a small group of Miami runners fortunate enough to have completed the 2013 Boston Marathon, One Run is committed to ensuring the ongoing care of those most affected by the events of that day.  For most of us it’s over.  We have moved on, continued with our lives… but for those who suffered permanent injuries or lost a loved one, the journey has only just begun.  The One Fund raised a tremendous amount of money for the victims, but there will be ongoing expenses, and donations will certainly drop off years later.

On that beautiful afternoon, as we sprinted that last stretch down Boyleston hundreds of people lined the street.  We didn’t know most of them, but they were there cheering us on, supporting us as we gave everything we had to finish that race, to cross that finish line.  That crowd, which lines most of the 26.2 miles of the course is a critical part of what makes the Boston Marathon such an incredible race.  That afternoon, they were there for us and nearly 30,000 other runners when we needed their support.

Now they need ours.  If 30,000 people donate just $20 each year, we can raise over a half a million dollars to support them with their ongoing costs.  Prosthetic limbs are not cheap, nor are they permanent.  We want them to be able to afford the best prosthetics available, without having to get a second job just to cover those expenses.  The healing process, both physical and emotional, is ongoing.   If they so desire, we hope to have the honor and privilege of running across that famed finish line with them one day.  They were there for us, we will there for them.  Always.


Run with us, contribute what you can.  Be a part of that process, be among the countless everyday heroes who stood up in the face of fear.  We will never forget what happened that day, but we are determined to be stronger as a result.  As runners, as a nation, and as human beings WE can chose:  Will we allow ourselves and our friends to be terrorized? Or will our strength, our love and our generosity prevail?  We believe that to be an easy choice.