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OneRun’s founders are no strangers to the media.  All three found themselves in the news repeatedly in April 2013, and have appeared for other reasons as well.  Here are some of the many articles and stories in which you can find them.  If you find any other clips, please send them to

For media inquiries please contact us at (508) 293-1RUN or email

2013 Boston:

Ken in the New Yorker on Monday
McClatchy DC’s coverage the day after prominently features Ken… we like how this one ends
Miami New Times chimes in and borrows from Ken’s facebook

Spencer speaks with NY1 about Boston heroes

CBS Miami covers silent run for Boston and interviews Ken
NBC Miami’s silent run coverage also includes Ken
Local 10’s video coverage of the silent run, including a few thoughts from Ken
Huffington Post covers Ken and the silent run

NBC Miami interviews Bryan returning home
WSVN also interviews Bryan on the return home

The Miami Herald follows up with local runners, including Spencer
The Sun Sentinel also speaks with Spencer

SoBe run clubs  bands together for Boston, featuring Bryan.  Ken is also seen running here

Ken’s Red Runner coverage from previous years:

Associated Press article from the 2003 Boston Marathon
The Patriot Ledger also had a great article “Race Doesn’t Lack for Color” although no longer online
Harvard Crimson coverage of 2004 Marathon
Milford Daily 2012 bandit feature

Curious why Ken runs Boston red? The BC Heights explains…

Bryan and Spencer also get mentions for their great finishes and other running accomplishments:

Bryan is top Madison, WI area finisher in 2010
Both Bryan and Spencer among the official Florida finishers in 2013

Bryan, as Chief Running Officer of the Live Ultimate race series